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How much Matza, Maror & Wine?

Shiurim in CC (ml)
Chazon Ish
R’ Moshe Feinstein
R’ Avraham Chaim Naeh
Larger Size
Smaller Size

There is a lot of debate amongst the Rishonim and later Poskim as to how to accurately calculate the shiurim (size or volume) of halachic measurements.
The Shaarei Teshuva (OC 486) and Mishnah Berura (486:1) rule that we should be particularly stringent for mitzvos that are deoraisa.
R’ Moshe Feinstein (quoted by R’ Avrohom Blumenkrantz) held, therefore, that one should follow the larger shiur (above) for the mitzvos that are deoraisa, and rely on the smaller shiur for those that are derabanan. A healthy person should certainly try to follow the Chazon Ish’s shiurim for the first kezayis of matza and the afikoman to be sure of fulfilling the mitzva according to all opinions. This is estimated at about 2/3 of a Machine baked Matza. By consuming the larger shiur, one also accommodates the preferred practice of eating two kezeisim for both the matza that is eaten at the beginning of the meal and the afikoman (see Shulchan Aruch 475:1 and Mishna Berura 477:1). For the matza and maror of korech, one can follow R’ Moshe’s smaller shiurim.
According to Sefer Kol Dodi (14:11 and 18:3) R’ Moshe’s larger shiur equals 6.25 by 7 inches of matza while the smaller one comes to 4 by 7 inches.
While most authorities hold that Kiddush on Yom Tov is derabanan, others (including the Minchas Chinuch, 31) hold that it is deoraisa, as it is on Shabbos, and therefore, even on a weeknight, it is best to be stringent and drink a ‘larger’ revi’is. One who finds it difficult to drink so much may follow the smaller shiur for the other 3 cups which are derabanan.
While maror is derabanan (nowadays), one need not use the largest shiur. Yet, as we make a bracha on it, one should not eat the smallest size either.
One who can’t even tolerate the small shiurim of R’ Chaim Naeh should consult their Rabbi about consuming less.
While it is ideal to finish one’s wine cup, if necessary one may drink most of it. If one can’t cope with the larger size revi’is, they should find a cup that just holds a smaller revi’is. The second cup may need to be refilled after wine has been spilled out while mentioning the makkos.
The matza, maror and 4 cups must be eaten kdei achilas pras. This time is also debated, with R’ Moshe Feinstein holding it is 3 minutes, and R’ Avraham Chaim Naeh allowing 4. If absolutely necessary, one can take up to 9 minutes.
I wish you a Kosheren and healthy Pesach where we can all fulfil these mitzvos to their utmost.

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